I’m a user experience designer in Portland, Oregon. I love crafting easy-to-use products that make people happier or more productive.

I’ve been doing this, in some fashion or another, for about 15 years now. In that time, I’ve gotten to work on stuff for your mobile phone, tablet, Xbox One, and your browser.

Some pretty cool people have hired me to do that, including some names that you’ve probably heard of like Walmart, Electronic Arts, and Mapquest. I’ve also worked for some cool, lesser-known places, like Trapit and HomeAdvisor.

If you want all of the details, download my résumé, or check my LinkedIn.

When I’m not gathering folks around a whiteboard, I may be with my dog at the Oregon coast, traveling around Portland searching for the best slice of pepperoni pizza, or just playing a video game while sipping some whiskey.