Portfolio Redesign – Theme Selection

By May 3, 2017Site Updates

Prior to this redesign, I hadn’t really worked with WordPress since the launch of 3.0; even then, I had only a passing familiarity with it.

I was not prepared for how complex it had gotten. Themes now completely change the admin navigation, and have so many custom plugins and so much functionality that they aren’t just simple skins anymore. Unless you’re a fairly straightforward blog, changing your theme could completely remove all of your content.

After trying out a few options, I have landed on Salient. (Shout out to Joey for the heads up!) It’s incredible. It’s almost a meta theme. There is a staggering degree of customization and a variety of built-in layouts. A learning curve comes along with that, and combines with the learning curve of moving to WordPress. Luckily, the documentation seems extremely thorough.

With this theme locked in, I’m going to start rebuilding my portfolio. I have been using a PDF for around 5 years now because it let me easily create a layout where I could take a deep-dive into my thought process as well as my design process. Truthfully, it’s been pretty smooth sailing. I would run into problems when I can’t upload a file over 5MB, but I also had a portfolio that functioned well as a stand-alone piece, as well as a presentation tool.

Time to wrap this up and start making a plan around which pieces are portfolio-worthy. Check back soon.


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